Monday, September 8, 2008

Upromise: $100 000 for college sweeps + eCoupons

Take the time to plan for your child's future.

I'm sure you're already a member of and every time you shop at your favorite grocery or drug store, up to 8% of qualifying purchases gets deposited into your college savings account. It doesn't cost you a dime - not even a penny! and the contributions are made based on sales price (before coupons and other promos). But did you know that every time you use your grocery or drugstore cards registered with Upromise, you are entered into their $100,000 sweepstakes?
You did?
But guess what I just received in my email?
They are now offering eCoupons that you can download to you cards and save at the stores in addition to manufacturer's and store coupons!
I am sooooo excited! (can you tell? :)) I shop a lot at CVS and between manufacturers', store coupons and Extra Care bucks I spend very little out of pocket, and almost every time I get something put into a account for my daughters' education. And now I'll be saving even more with their eCoupons! :) They say that offers change every month and I don't know if they are based on your prior purchases, but 15 out of 17 coupons I was offered were for products that we usually buy (our preferred brands, actually). And there's even a $5 coupon for Enfamil formula (my sis-in-law is going to love that - Enfamil hardly ever has coupons out, and this is the formula they use).


Ronell said...

WOW! I never got that email. Did you get the coupons in your email or when you logged onto your account? I will have to log on and see! I could use that enfamil coupon as well!!!

Z said...

You should see them when you log into your account. They let you select all the coupons you want and then load them onto your registered cards :)

The Enfamil coupon is $5/2, but it's on sale at CVS this week so it may be worth buying 2 cans - especially if you have manufacturer's checks :)

Ronell said...

I logged on and I don't see it anywhere! I also just registered a few weeks back and don't have a balance yet do you think that might have something to do with it?

Z said...

this is the direct link from the email I got:******

replace the stars with your Upromise username and see if it works for you. It took me straight to the eCoupons section and guided me thru the process (fast and painless!)

If this doesn't work, login as you normally do, under "Ronell's homepage" you'll see little tabs (shop, travel, home, money, etc.) beside those tabs, on the right, there's a banner "NEW Upromise eCoupons". If your browser is blocking ads, this may be the reason you don't see it.

Hope this helps :)

Ronell said...

Found them! So if you buy the item listed and scan your store reward card it should automatically take it off?

Z said...

Yeah, I would think so... Haven't tried it yet though. Let me know if you find out before I do. :)