Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amazing deals at Safeway - moneymakers!

I don't usually shop at Safeway as I think it' prices are higher than other grocery stores in my area, but my mother-in-law has alerted me of a good deal on pork chops last week, so I went...
The meat didn't look good, so I didn't buy any, but as I walked through the aisles, I noticed that a lot of products are tagged with a "Mix & Match" promo: buy any 10 items, get $5 off instantly.
Among the participating products are Bertolli Premium pasta sauce pouches (pictured); right next to them there was a "blinkie" coupon machine with $1 off coupons for them. I figured the sauce would be very cheap: though it's regularly priced at $3.49 at Safeway, after the sale and coupon it came down to just $.50 per pouch, so I went ahead and bought 10 of them. To my surprise, Catalina machine at checkout spit out five $2 coupons good "on your next order" -- I spent $5 for the sauce and got $10 to spend on anything!

I took a flier home and found another moneymaker: Halls cough drops (20-25 ct.) are part of Mix & Match promo, which discounts them to $.75 (from $2.49-$3.xx reg.price), and there's also a coupon for $.75 off any bag of Halls (20 ct. or larger) here (you need to register and say "no" to all offers, and then you'll be able to print your coupons under "grocery coupons" - I printed 10 coupons and it's still available to print, I don't think there is a limit. The same coupon is also available at SmartSource, but there's a limit of 2 there). The coupon states "do not double", but for some reason for every $.75 coupon I used, the register took off extra $.50, so by buying 10 bags of coughdrops and using 10 $.75 coupons, I had $5 overage! Good thing that I had other items to pay for :)

Among other great 'Mix & Match' deals is Mott's apple juice: it's $1.50 after M&M sale and discount, and there's a $.55 coupon on motts.com, which per Safeway policy doubles making 64 oz. bottle of 100% juice cost just $.40!

There are also coupons for $1.50 off any Kraft dressing 16 oz or more, (tearpads at Safeway and in the most recent Sunday paper), and almost all varieties of Kraft dressings 14-16 oz are included in the promo and are FREE after the coupon.

There seems to be no limit to these deals, so hurry up to Safeway while the 'Mix & Match' is still in effect!

Also, check out Safeway.com for printable store coupons and you can also load P&G coupons onto your card, and a lot of Proctor & Gamble items are also part of Mix&Match promo!

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