Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Angel Crafts eBook

Get your free Angel Crafts eBook here.

Included in this ebook are:

Angel Craft Patterns

We have a number of angel craft projects with free patterns, including several colorful angel decorations, an antiqued angel hanger and a patriotic themed angel (page 17). The eBook also has tutorials for some great outdoor angel projects. The angel wind chime (page 20) or clay pot angel (page 14) would be great in a garden or on a patio.

Wire Angel Crafts

Use craft wire to create these unique designs, like the hanging bell angel (page 23) that makes a great decoration for a package or the heavenly angel centerpiece (page 26), which would beautify any holiday table.

Kitchen Angel Crafts

Decoreate your kitchen with angels. The patina topiary angel (page 29) is a great window decoration and could double as a table centerpiece for guests. The pottery clay angels (page 32) are great for the kitchen counter, but could be displayed in any room of the house.

Christmas Angel Crafts

Christmas is the perfect holiday to create and display all of your angel crafts. This eBook section contains many great ornament ideas, but once the tree is gone, they will still look stunning around your home. Try the clay angel ornament (page 34) or create snowman and angel ornaments (page 40) out of clay with your kids.

Get your own free copy of Angel Crafts eBook here.

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KY said...

Thanks for the shout out! I especially love the little garden angel =)