Friday, January 22, 2010

Contest: Expressions of Hunger

Would you like to do something to help fight hunger? Would you like to be featured on a limited-edition box of Cheerios? Or, maybe, both?

If you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland or Delaware, I encourage you to take part in the Expressions of Hunger contest sponsored by ShopRite and General Mills.

· Nearly 50 million Americans, including 17 million children, suffered from food insecurity last year, a 36 percent increase from the year before
· “Hunger” has been identified as one of the leading food issues of 2010 by leading nutrition and food policy expert Marion Nestle
· It’s not always easy to put a “face” on the devastating effects of hunger - through creative expression, ShopRite Partners in Caring hope to show how hunger may look throughout different communities

You can submit a video of an original song, poem, performance art, or dramatically read story that creatively describes the plight of the hungry or offers a solution to hunger at Expressions of Hunger website by March 1, 2010 and have a shot at winning the following prizes:

· Up to six grand prize winners in the Expressions of Hunger video contest will have their stories and pictures featured on a limited-edition Cheerios box available exclusively in ShopRite stores in September, 2010.

· Ten honorable mention winners will receive a video camera.

· All winning entries will be featured on the ShopRite Partners In Caring website and the Expressions of Hunger contest website, as well as on ShopRite’s YouTube page.

Please check out Expressions of Hunger and take part in making our world a happier place.

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