Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Great costumes under $5

Clearance Costumes

As soon as the back-to-school sales start, I often find myself thinking about... Halloween. Only because I'm usually too late to get on the best deals: the nicer costumes seem to fly off the shelves even before the major Halloween sales start. This year I decided to started shopping (or at least looking for the deals) early: my girls are older and pickier now... And for them it's not about getting all dressed up and made up once a year: they love playing dress up and wearing fancy "princes" dresses, and regular prices for those are just outrageous!

Today I've stumbled upon a great place with an unbelievable promo going on: 5 items under $5, 5 days a week at BuyCostumes! Sadly, most of todays deals are already sold out - like this complete Cinderella costume that either of my girls would loooove. (They have a tiger mask that's just $.50 (@90% off!) and a few specials on adult-size costumes (76%-85% off) currently available through the link above)
I'll make sure I check back tomorrow: I'm excited to see what costumes will go below $5.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Thanks for the link. We are too young for dress-up at my house this year, but I hate the idea of paying a lot for a costumer that she will only wear once.

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway recently. I have another one going on this week too!