Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shoppers: tripling coupons up to $.50 and doubling up to $1!

My DH was so excited that we scored some free rice at Shoppers last week and said we should definitely do it again, if Shoppers would decide to make tripling coupons a standard practice. I laughed: it was the first time ever that any store in our area tripled coupons, and it was hard to believe that it would happed again any time soon.

Well, apparently I was wrong. DH has heard on the radio that this Thursday through Sunday Shoppers is tripling again - up to $.50 AND doubling coupons with values between $.51 and $1! It's even better than what they did last week (they didn't double higher value coupons). It looks like I will be going through my coupons tonight, clipping and sorting the ones that I might use at Shoppers in the next few days.

Any good coupons/deals out there?..
If your grocery stores double or triple coupons, which coupons do you use and what do you get?

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