Friday, June 20, 2008

CVS @lunchtime - 7 items under $1

I went over to CVS to buy some ink for my printer and look out for other deals that I could use my coupons and ECBs for.

First, I noticed that the cartridge I need costs $38! I somehow pictured it being around $25, so i called my hubby to find out if that's an ok price (it's been a while since I bought myself a new cartridge, and the prices likely went up - he's a tech guy, he would know). He said I could probably get it $10 cheaper online or in an office supply store, but since I could pay with ExtraBucks vs real money at CVS it may still be worth it... I decided to pass on it [for now] and do a little more research on prices.

Then I talked to the store manager and found out that they do NOT stock the DVD-Rs and CD-RWs that are on sale this week. At all. So I was out of luck there. But nevertheless, I gathered some stuff and was almost ready to check out, when I realized that I didn't have my ExtraCare card with me. I had all of my ECBs, but couldn't use them without my card.

I freaked.
Then remembered that DH was the last person to use my card, and called him to check if he still had it. He was driving at the time (his wallet in his back pocket), and was very unhappy that I needed to know if he had it. ASAP. He did find the card - pheeeew! But the thought of losing my 'money making' card was sure scary for a moment.

I still decided to check out (I didn't walk 9 blocks each way for nothing!) but knew I shouldn't do any ECB-earning deals. I was lucky to find some Aquafresh toothpaste that's on sale for $.99 each, and had a $1 off coupon on the package. I also got CVS brand baby wipes (we use the unscented kind to wipe our hands and I like to keep a tub in the car) - they are on sale for $1.99 this week and I had a $1 off coupon.

The cashier scanned the courtesy card and all of my items, but the toothpaste coupons beeped as they were $.01 over the purchase amount. I asked if she could adjust their value (folks at our local CVS do this), but she didn't know how and called the manager. The manager read the fine print ('save $1 ... on your next purchase') and tried to reason that I couldn't use these coupons for this transaction... but after some discussion took them anyway. So, even without my ExtraCare card and ECBs I still got six 6-oz tubes of toothpaste and a tub of 80 baby wipes (nice quality too!) for less than $1.

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