Friday, June 20, 2008

Save for college - easy!

Even though our oldest daughter is just in elementary school, we can't help thinking that we should be saving towards our girls' education. It may be hard to set aside some money that you could have used otherwise right here right now, but there's one program that puts a little something into your college savings account every time you shop - for FREE. I'm talking about Upromise.

You can register online, link your grocery store cards (there's a huge list of participating supermarkets!) and/or a credit card, and each time you buy something you'll get 1%-8% deposited in your Upromise account which you can use to pay for school-related expenses. A lot of brands and products that you probably buy regularly anyway - like Tylenol, or Ziploc, or Kraft foods (and 100s more!) are participating, so while you don't do anything extra you're saving for your kid's (or your own) education. You can also shop online and get credit for those purchases as well - how sweet is that?
If you are not a member already, now is a good time to join
as they are giving $10 sign up bonus right now! (I signed up with only $3 a couple of years ago and thought I was lucky! :)) I've been a member for about two years, and even though I only have CVS card linked to my account (and shop online through them occasionally), I have already saved a substantial amount - and it didn't cost me a dime! It's an added bonus on top of all my savings: Upromise gives you a %% of the product's full price (before coupons and other discounts).

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