Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things I NEVER pay for - magazines

One thing that I haven't paid for in years is magazine subscriptions. We get a number of magazines monthly (more than two dozen, including - off the top of my head - American Baby, Architectural Digest, Automotive, AutoWeek, Car and Driver, CosmoGirl, Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Digital Photography, Elle, Family Circle, Family Fun, Good Housekeeping, Home and Design, InStyle, Lucky, Maxim, Parent and Child, Parenting, Parents, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Redbook, Seventeen, Southern Living, Vogue, Woman's Day... I may be forgetting some DH's mags here). We enjoy reading/flipping through most of them, some do have coupons and some could be given to the girls to destroy... I mean to 'make pretty collages' of course :) We also donate our family/parenting magazines to our daughter's elementary school - they appreciate having something to let kids cut pictures from.

I'm going to post links to some of the current free magazines offers (these are completely free with no strings attached) :
  • free 1-year subscription to Watch! magazine
  • free 1-year subscription to AutoWeek
  • free 1-year subscription to Woman's Day (must qualify; I got offered three more free subscriptions there based on my occupation)
  • free 2-year subscription to Bassmaster (this is the current offer, it might change - I got FamilyFun through this link not so long ago)
  • free 2-year subscription to American Baby
  • free 3-year subscription to Remedy Life
  • free subscription to Bridal Guide magazine

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