Friday, June 20, 2008

CVS shopping this week

To my disappointment, our local CVS pharmacy hardly ever gets enough of the advertised deals in stock, so my options are limited to three: 1) go on Sunday when the sale starts, 2) go on Thursday - after the Wednesday night's truck is unloaded or 3) find a different store that has the deals I want.

I managed to get some stuff on Sunday, but was too tired last night to go check it out again. I have also discovered a CVS store nine blocks away from my work, and to my surprise they have almost everything I was planning to get. It's a win-win for me: not only getting the deals I want, but also getting some exercise (yep, I am walking 9 blocks each way!) at lunchtime and saving a little on gas. [Gas prices are outrageous: the cheapest around here is $4/gal, making it over $60 per tank :(]

I have already mentioned the Oral B battery-powered toothbrushes that are on sale for $5.99 and generate $3 ECBs (ExtraCare Bucks), there are also coupons for Buy One Get One Free, making both toothbrushes free after ECBs and coupon. The limit on this deal is 5, so I got two adult brushes and two Princess brushes for the girls. The replacement heads are also said to work for this deal, but I wasn't able to find any.

Another great deal is Energizer batteries. Four-packs are on sale for $4.49 and are Buy One Get One Free (BOGO), and there are also manufacturer's coupons for $1 off (both in the paper and printable), and you can use a coupon for each of the packs you buy. Our store also had 'peelies' - stickers with 'save $1 instantly' on the packages, and since these were CVS store coupons, they can be used along with the manufacturer's. So, two 4-packs of batteries after BOGO sale and coupons comes down to $.49! Better yet, if you spend $20 on Energizer batteries this week, you'll get a $7 coupon (but if you are doing the BOGO deal, only one pack / $4.49 will count towards this). I could only find 4 packages with the peelies, but will check if they have restoked - we can always use batteries :)

There's also a BOGO sale for Evian drinking water (1L). The regular price for them at my store was $1.89, and there's also a printable $1 off/2 coupon here (it prints fine from my Firefox browser, but needs to be scaled to 50% if printed from IE). Buy two 1L bottles, use the coupon and get both for $.89. Limit is 4.

Here's another great coupon - $2 off CVS brand skincare purchase - I have used it for the monthly deal: Buy 500-625 ct CVS brand cotton swabs, get $2 ECBs (Limit 5). I got 500 ct (+ there was a bonus travel pack attached to it) for $3.19 - $2 coupon = $1.19 and got $2 ECBs back. I actually made $.81 on this deal (plus, we needed some q-tips). This coupon doesn't expire until the end of August and could be used on a variety of products.

I also bought some manual Oral B toothbrushes (2 pks, also the monthly deal: buy Oral-B CrossAction manual toothbrush 2pk for $6.99, get $6.99 ECBs) - to 'roll' my existing ExtraBucks before they expire. The stated limit for this deal is 2 per card, but it has been reported that the actual limit is 4. I have bought 3 so far, and got the ECBs for all three, and the receipt doesn't say 'Offer limit reached'.

My home printer is out if ink, so I'm planning to walk over to CVS to get some at lunch today and see if there are any other deals to be had.

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