Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bzz: Teddy Grahams Trail Mix

Did you know that 4,000,000,000 Teddy Grahams were eaten in the US in 2007?

Me neither - until I read the BzzGuide for the new Teddy Grahams Trail Mix that I received from BzzAgent yesterday. Now I am not surprised: the entire box of Teddy Grahams Bears and Cheese found by our daughters disappeared in matter of minutes :)

Mind you, our little ones are quite picky and it's a rare occasion that they both liked something (new!) and were sharing it nicely (and quietly for a change!). The mix contains Teddy Grahams honey graham snacks, pretzels, raisins and Cheese Nips crackers and has no cholesterol and saturated fat, but I think it was the package that attracted them in the first place. It also had little "awards" on the back, so the girls were determined to finish the box, to get them. We all got to taste it and agree that although it was a product designed with kids in mind, it's actually a very good mix for healthy snacking - regardless of your age.

Our 7-year old announced that we "DEFINITELY need to buy more" of it, so now I'll have to remember to look for it in the stores. Anyone seen it on sale?


Anonymous said...

I've seen these at Walmart for $2. Good stuff!

Z said...

Thanks! I have a love/hate relationships with WalMart: I love their free samples but absolutely hate shopping in our local store...
$2 is a good deal though. Now I wish I had coupons for it too - that could motivate me to go to WalMart :)