Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free samples -- feminine protection

I have been getting lots of samples in the mail lately, so I thought I'd pass the links along - for those who haven't taken advantage of them yet. I already posted the links for baby stuff (just got UnderJams from Pampers, PullUps & CleanTeam samples from WalMart, Juicy Juice sippy cup, coupons from Huggies and Luvs welcome pack) and also a whole bunch of feminine protection samples. Here are the links to get your own:
  • Tampax Pearl sample (this is offered by StartSampling, so if you are not a member yet, you may consider joining - they have quite a few samples available at all times);
  • OB tampons & carrying case (comes with 3 tampons, cute little purse pack and a $1 coupon)
  • Kotex sample pack (comes with 1 pad, 1 liner, 2 tampons and a $1 coupon)
  • Always pads (upper right corner "Click here for free sample); if you have a teenaged daughter, you may also want to check out - they offer very nice sample packages from time to time (not sure if one is available right now, but the one I got contained 4 pads - 2 of each regular and nighttime, 4 liners, 2 tampons and a coupon for a FREE Always product)
  • Playtex Sport tampons (come with a $1 coupon as well)
  • Playtex Gentle Glide tampons (+ $1 coupon)

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