Friday, July 11, 2008

House Party - new Fisher price party is coming up!

Are you a member of Do you have kids 1-24 months old? Then you would definitely want to check out the new Fisher Price PlayDate House Party!

We have hosted a number of House parties and they have all been a huge success. If you are selected to host a party, you will receive a package with almost everything you need to have fun at your party: from the product to party around (we had had new movie parties, game party, Kidz BopIt party, chocolate and cookies parties in the past) to little favors for guests to take home and even coupons and promos to share. You will be able to set up your personal page with lots of ideas to help you get started, your personal and national blog where you can talk to other folks partying. You can upload pictures and videos... just go and have fun already! :)

We really hope to get picked for Fisher Price party (the campaign space is very limited), but we'll keep our eyes open for new ones: there's always something going on there! :)

Good luck to all of you who apply. See you at!

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Ronell said...

I applied for the fisher price one as well! I hope hope hope we get chosen! My youngest will be 6 months and eldest a little over 2. Let's hope!